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Abundance Reading

Abundance Reading is a project which harvests surplus of seasonal fruit and distributes it on a non-profit basis to communities and local groups. We are a team of volunteers that picks unwanted fruit from gardens and public trees in the Reading area and we distribute it to local groups and people in need.

Contact details:Beth Scott, Project Co-ordinator
Email: abundance@transitionreading.org.uk
Web site:http://readingabundance.weebly.com
Reading Food Growing Network

Bringing Reading's food growers together

Contact details:Pete Wheat, Secretary
Email: secretary@rfgn.org.uk
Web site:https://www.readingfoodgrowingnetwork.org.uk
Reading Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS)

Reading Local Exchange Trading Scheme or LETS is a local community group that puts you in contact with people in Greater Reading to exchange things, or skills – at an hourly rate – without using Sterling, but a currency called Readies. You register your offers, your requests and trading transactions on-line via a platform called Community Exchange System, or CES. Just as an example, through LETS you can find people offering good neighbour services or helping you by doing DIY; then you may assist someone else with their computer, or you may borrow a ladder without having to buy one. This saves resources and builds community spirit. More pertinent to RFGN, if you have a surplus from your allotment, you can offer it and acquire Readies which you can then use to receive, say, help with translation or tutoring. RgLETS holds a monthly meeting on the last Saturday of the month when newcomers are welcome to ask questions or to join, and members can socialise as well as trade. It also organises events like walks, visits to places, occasional parties and the like, all of which leads to getting to know each other better, having a good time and also creating opportunities to trade.

Location:Reading area
Regular meeting arrangements:Place: See website
Time: Last Saturday of the month
Contact details:Email: lets4reading@gmail.com
Web site:http://www.readinglets.btck.co.uk

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