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Allotment Associations

Caversham Allotment Holders & Gardens Association

The Caversham Allotment Holders & Gardens Association was founded in 1896, and is dedicated to supporting its members in their gardening and vegetable-growing pursuits. We have a trading shed at Henley Road allotments, have talks and a newsletter. The highlight if the year is our Annual Show in September.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place: Church House, Caversham
Time: 2nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
Contact details:Carol Wheeler
Telephone: 0118 947 5802
Email: cavallotsec@talktalk.net
Web site:https://cahga.wordpress.com/
Shinfield Alloment Holders and Gardeners Association

SAHGA is now in its 36th year. We meet 11 times each year, omitting August, of which 10 meetings are normally talks and one an evening excursion to visit a garden. Meetings start at 7:30pm and last until about 9:15pm. There is plenty of local parking. There is a £1.00 charge per person for each meeting. We don't have a separate annual subscription, but you get a membership card at the first meeting that you attend in each year. SAHGA is affiliated to the RHS and trades with Dobies of Devon for seeds etc. There is a small trading shed based at the Millworth Lane allotment site (off Hyde End Road) open from 11:00 to 12:00 noon on Saturdays from March to October.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place: Shinfield Parish Hall, School Green, Shinfield RG2 9EH
Contact details:Chris Young, Chairman
Email: gardenyoung@aol.com
Web site:
Woodley Allotment Tenants Association

The main aim of the association is to ensure that the tenants interests are represented when dealing with the council. We intend to increase the trading activities of the association, to provide cheap seeds/fruit bushes etc for the tenants. Any profit generated will go towards improving things like security on the site, over and above what the council currently fund.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Scott Golding, Chairman
Telephone: 0118 935 4007
Email: readingrdallotments@hotmail.co.uk
Web site:

Community Growing Groups

Southcote GrowAllot Community Allotment

Food growing The purpose of the organisation is to teach local residents the art of sowing, planting and maintaining a variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Allotment members will be able to share in the harvest of vegetables, fruit and flowers, be welcome to attend sessions run by the garden tutor on how to grow food and be expected to get involved in the management and maintenance of the site by attending the AGM and workdays.

Location:Florian Gardens, Southcote, Reading, RG30 3QG
Regular meeting arrangements:Place: Florian Gardens, Southcote, Reading, RG30 3QG
Time: Saturdays 10am-1pm, Wednesdays 2pm-4pm
Contact details:Email: southcote.growallot@gmail.com
Web site:https://www.facebook.com/SouthcoteGrowallotCommunityAllotment/
Whitley GrowAllot

Our community allotment welcomes local people interested in growing food together. Food4families secured the lease from Reading Borough Council to transform a piece of abandoned land in the centre of Whitley into a community allotment managed by local residents growing their own fruit and vegetables in 2013. People new to growing are supported in learning to plan, sow, grow and harvest using natural growing principles. We will provide raised beds adapted for those with mobility issues. More experienced growers can have their own raised bed if they would like. Produce grown is shared out amongst participants and used in cookery lessons. All waste will be collected and fed back into the project via a community composting scheme.

Location:Meavy Gardens, Brixham Road, Whitley
Regular meeting arrangements:Place: Meavy Gardens, Brixham Road, Whitley
Time: Wed 3:00pm till dusk and Sun 2pm till dusk
Contact details:
Web site:https://www.facebook.com/WhitleyGrowAllot

Horticultural Societies

East Reading Horticultural Society

Formed in January 1941, we are a friendly group of people with some interest in growing things. We meet once a month, for talks or social events, in St Peter's church hall, Earley. There's a monthly newsletter and we run a trading shed for gardening needs, all for a small annual subscription (currently £2).

Regular meeting arrangements:Place: St Peter's church hall, Earley
Contact details:Neal Stockwell
Email: erhs@hotmail.co.uk
Web site:http://www.erhs.org.uk/
Huntley & Palmers Horticultural Association

Trading Shed. The Shed has operated for the last 75 years on a not-for-profit basis so prices are very reasonable. The opening hours are Saturday and Sunday 10.00am to 12.30pm.

Location:Entrance to the Culver Lane allotments site
Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Richard Tredgett, Chair
Email: handptradingshed@gmail.com
Web site:
Tilehurst Horticultural Association

The THA aims to provide to the gardeners of Tilehurst, sundry goods in realistic quantities and reasonable prices and increase the knowledge of and interest in, gardening in general. Volunteers drawn from the membership run the THA, and provide the staffing of the two Trading sheds. We also hold a series of talks in the winter, a Summer Show on the 1st Saturday in August and a Plant Exchange evening in May.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Pauline Sinclair, Secretary
Email: tilehurstha@gmail.com
Web site:http://tilehurstha.org.uk/
Twyford & Ruscombe Horticultural Association

Promotes an interest in all types of gardening: flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables, open to residents of Twyford, Ruscombe and surrounding areas. We have a Trading Store next to the Health Centre in Loddon Hall Road, publish a regular newsletter and run shows, talks and day trips.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Diane Thirtle, Hon. Secretary
Telephone: 0118 934 3006
Email: enquiries@trha.org.uk
Web site:http://www.trha.org.uk

Other Groups and Networks

Abundance Reading

Abundance Reading is a project which harvests surplus of seasonal fruit and distributes it on a non-profit basis to communities and local groups. We are a team of volunteers that picks unwanted fruit from gardens and public trees in the Reading area and we distribute it to local groups and people in need.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Beth Scott, Project Co-ordinator
Web site:http://readingabundance.weebly.com
Arborfield Gardening Association

We are a friendly group of garden lovers, who meet the second Thursday each month, at 7:30 pm, in Arborfield Village Hall, Eversley Rd, RG2 9PQ. Broadly speaking, the established format is of winter speakers and summer trips.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place: Arborfield Village Hall, Eversley Rd, RG2 9PQ
Time: Second Thursday each month at 7:30 pm
Contact details:Catherine Breen
Telephone: 0118 976 1848
Email: catherinebreen@ymail.com
Web site:
Reading Food Growing Network

Bringing Reading's food growers together

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Pete Wheat, Secretary
Email: secretary@rfgn.org.uk
Web site:
Reading Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS)

Reading Local Exchange Trading Scheme or LETS is a local community group that puts you in contact with people in Greater Reading to exchange things, or skills – at an hourly rate – without using Sterling, but a currency called Readies. You register your offers, your requests and trading transactions on-line via a platform called Community Exchange System, or CES. Just as an example, through LETS you can find people offering good neighbour services or helping you by doing DIY; then you may assist someone else with their computer, or you may borrow a ladder without having to buy one. This saves resources and builds community spirit. More pertinent to RFGN, if you have a surplus from your allotment, you can offer it and acquire Readies which you can then use to receive, say, help with translation or tutoring. RgLETS holds a monthly meeting on the last Saturday of the month when newcomers are welcome to ask questions or to join, and members can socialise as well as trade. It also organises events like walks, visits to places, occasional parties and the like, all of which leads to getting to know each other better, having a good time and also creating opportunities to trade.

Location:Reading area
Regular meeting arrangements:Place: See website
Time: Last Saturday of the month
Contact details:Email: lets4reading@gmail.com
Web site:http://www.readinglets.btck.co.uk
Ridgeline Trust Multicultural Gardening Club

Multicultural Gardening Club is open to all minorities’ communities living in Greater Reading area and also welcomes volunteers to support the club activities. The Club encourages interested individuals to join and learn more about plants; growing seasonal vegetables, flowers, herbs, and also to know more about healthy eating, maintain healthy lifestyle. The Club is a suitable meeting point to engage participants, to make them feel less isolated and to help them look after themselves and the specific objectives were as follows: - To provide an opportunity to do physical exercise which positively impacts on their physical & mental health to garden beneficiaries, - To help improve people’s overall health conditions and reduce visits to GPs and hospitals for advice by conducting well-being and nutrition sessions, - To prepare volunteers who would like to support the Ridgeline Horticultural Therapeutic Garden.

Location:East Reading, 25 Whiteknights Road, RG6 7BY
Regular meeting arrangements:Place: Ridgeline Trust
Time: Sundays 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Contact details:Krishna Neupane, Garden Group Leader
Telephone: 07939 665482
Email: kpneupane321@gmail.com
Web site:http://www.ridgelinetrust.org.uk/multicultural-gardening-club.html
Southcote Gardeners Association

For gardeners in the Southcote area of Reading, this organisation holds members meetings and an annual show

Location:Southcote, Reading
Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Email: southcote.gardeners@yahoo.co.uk
Web site:

Education and Charities

Five A Day Market Garden

Five A Day Market Garden is a community supported project open to people of all ages and abilities. It's key objectives are: - Education in art, horticulture, conservation and sustainability - Promotion of healthy eating and an active lifestyle and the benefits of local food - Enabling the local community to access local food - Facilitating the physical, mental and social benefits of horticulture

Location:The Street, Englefield, Theale RG7 5EL
Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Pam Goddard
Telephone: 07939 676050
Email: pam@fiveaday.org.uk
Web site:http://www.fiveaday.org.uk/

Get families growing food

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Sharon Fitton
Email: sharon@risc.org.uk
Web site:http://www.food4families.org.uk
The Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers help hundreds of thousands of people each year to reclaim local green places. We are a charity that has been established for 53 years. Our work supports, encourages and celebrates volunteers and volunteering, focussing on helping people give some of their time, skills and enthusiasm to create and sustain environmental action with local communities.

Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Oonagh French, Senior Community Project Officer
Telephone: 0118 956 8959
Email: volunteer-reading@tcv.org.uk
Web site:http://www.tcv.org.uk
The Ridgeline Trust

The Ridgeline Therapeutic Wildlife Garden, located in East Reading, helps people suffering from mental and/or physical difficulties, learning difficulties, or other special needs. Through our beautiful garden we aim to help people through regular professionally run sessions to learn new skills, regain lost skills, and improve social skills in order to regain confidence and self esteem.

Location:25 Whiteknights Road RG6 7BY
Regular meeting arrangements:Place: In the Pavilion at the garden!
Time: Many different sessions during the week depending on ability and interest.
Contact details:Graham Johnson, Company Secretary
Telephone: 0118 926 1790
Email: graham@ridgelinetrust.org.uk
Web site:http://www.ridgelinetrust.org.uk/

Thrive is a national charity working to help people living with a disability or mental ill health use gardening to transform their lives. Advice is offered to disabled people whether they want to garden at home, on an allotment, in a community setting or alternatively wish to attend a structured therapy programme at one of its garden projects. Thrive is the leading charity in the UK dedicated to the use of horticultural therapy for the benefit of disabled people. We also carry out research and train professionals offering practical solutions so that those with a disability can enjoy gardening. For enquiries about attending our Trunkwell Garden Project in Beech Hill (near Reading) phone 0118 988 4844.

Location:Trunkwell Garden Project, Beech Hill
Regular meeting arrangements:Place:
Contact details:Telephone: 0118 988 5688
Email: info@thrive.org.uk
Web site:http://www.thrive.org.uk/

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