Month-by-month tasks

January : Mid Winter

  • Plan your vegetable crop rotations
  • Prune apple and pear trees
  • Dig over any empty beds
  • Plant fruit bushes

February : Late Winter

  • Plan sowing of greenhouse plants
  • Start chitting potatoes
  • Cut back autumn raspberries

March : Early Spring

  • Pot on greenhouse seedlings
  • Plant shallots and onions
  • Start planting potatoes

April : Mid Spring

  • Continue planting potatoes
  • Sow beans
  • Sow herb seeds

May : Late Spring

  • Earth up potatoes
  • Sow beans, courgettes and squash

June : Early Summer

  • Pinch sideshoots on tomatoes

October : Mid Autumn

  • Divide rhubarb crowns
  • Harvest apples and pears
  • Make leaf mould

November : Late Autumn

  • Put grease bands round fruit trees

December : Early Winter

  • Harvest remaining root crops

For more seasonal tasks, have a look at the Gardeners' World "What to do now" or the Royal Horticultural Society Gardeners' Calendar