White Tower Nursery

Crissy welcomed Reading Food Growing Network to White Tower Nursery in January 2015 (and again in January 2016) for a seed potato event. We had a great time chatting to her - she's a very knowledgeable lady - and left clutching bags of seed potatoes. She said afterwards:

"Thank you so much for visiting , it was great to see you all.

And do remind your members that if they show their cards they will get a discount.

Hope to see you all soon

Nursery details: Station Road, Aldermaston, Reading, RG7 4LD 0118 971 2123 www.whitetowernursery.co.uk

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Seed Potato List 2017

Potatoes are £1.95 / kg for the loose potatoes and £4.50 each for the pre-packaged ones.

First Earlies

Abbot, Arran Pilot, Casablanca, Duke of York, Epicure, Foremost, Homeguard, Lady Christl, Maris Bard, Orla (FT), Pentland Javelin, Red Duke of York, Rocket, Swift, Winston

Second Earlies

Bonnie, British Queen, Carlingford, Estima, Gemson, Kestrel, Marfona, Nadine (F), Osprey (Pre), Shetland Black, Vivaldi (Pre), Wilja, Yukon Gold

Early Maincrop

Desiree, Inca Bella, Isle of Jura (Pre), King Edward, Lady Balfour (FT), Maris Piper, Pentland Crown, Picasso (T), Rooster (Pre), Salad Blue, Sante (T), Setanta (FT), Stemster, Vales Sovereign

Late Maincrop

Arran Victory, Cara (FT), Golden Wonder, Kerrs Pink (F), Mayan Gold, Sarpo Mira (FT), Valor (T)

Salad Potatoes

Anya (Pre), Charlotte, International Kidney, Jazzy (Pre), Juliette, Maris Peer, Nicola (T), Pink Fir Apple, Pippa, Ratte

T = Tuber Blight Resistance, F = Foliage Blight Resistance, FT = Foliage and Tuber Blight Resistance, Pre = Prepacked 2.5kg bags