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Thu 25 Jan 2018
7:45 pm
Talk: Herbs for the Table
Village Hall, Victoria Road, RG31 5AB

Claire Brown managed Garden Centres, including RHS Wisley, for many years and ran her own gardening and design business before deciding to grow and sell cut flowers to Florists and the public. Claire will be speaking on having a variety of herbs all year round, places to grow and how to control pests and diseases.

Thu 8 Feb 2018
7:30 pm
Tilehurst Horticultural Association AGM
Village Hall, Victoria Road, RG31 5AB
Tue 20 Feb 2018
7:45 pm
East Reading Horticultural Society AGM
St. Peter’s Church Hall, Church Road, Earley
Thu 22 Feb 2018
7:00 pm
Southcote GrowAllot Community Allotment AGM
The Advice Shop, Coronation Square, Southcote

We'll be holding our AGM on Thursday February 22nd 2018 at 7pm at The Advice Shop, Coronation square, Southcote. Everybody will bring some refreshments to have a bring-and-share meal afterwards.

Mon 12 Mar 2018
6:00 pm
The Great Debate: Engineering better food systems
G10, Palmer building, Whiteknights campus, Reading RG6 6UR

Today’s global food system uses a lot of energy and resources: fuel and fossil derived fertilisers on the farm, fuel for transport, plastics for packaging and electricity for refrigeration with wastage at each stage. What can engineering do to improve sustainability of food production and distribution as the world population increases?

Admission is free but booking is strongly advised.

Wed 14 Mar 2018
7:30 pm
Public Lecture - The Bee's Needs: How to save the world's pollinators
G11, Henely Business School, Whiteknights campus, Reading RG6 6UR

Bees and other insects are crucially important, helping pollinate crops and support our wild ecosystems. The University of Reading is at the forefront of research into the decline of insect pollinators and understanding how valuable they are for crop production.

The lecture will outline current evidence on the status of pollinating insects in the UK and across the globe. The crucial role pollinators play for crop production will be explored as well as ways we can help protect these iconic species for the important role they have providing vital ecosystem services.

Dr Mike Garratt, a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Agriculture Policy and Development, will present the latest research on pollinators and what we can do to help protect them.

Admission is free but booking is advisable.

Thu 29 Mar 2018
7:45 pm
Talk: Heritage Vegetables
Village Hall, Victoria Road, RG31 5AB

Lou Nicholls trained at Garden Organic and has a deep passion for working in tune with nature. She ran the vegetable garden at Sissinghurst Castle, then progressed to Assistant Head Gardener at Hole Park. Currently working as Head Gardener on private gardens, Lou will advise on why Heritage Vegetables are important, types and varieties, and seed saving.

Thu 26 Apr 2018
7:45 pm
Talk: Gardens for Children's Hospices
Village Hall, Victoria Road, RG31 5AB

Linda Petrons has worked for charities from some 15 years and is currently Head of Fundraising and Communications for the Greenfingers Charity. Linda will talk about the Charity, how they raise funds, and all that is involved in the design and build of gardens for children’s hospices.

Sat 4 Aug 2018 Tilehurst Horticultural Association Summer Show
Village Hall, Victoria Road, RG31 5AB

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