Grow for Reading Town Meal

In 2018 we were awarded funding by Tesco's Bags of Help, and we used it for a "Grow for Reading Town Meal" campaign. We're continuing the campaign for the 2019 Town Meal, which is on Saturday 28th September.

For our campaign, we are going to focus on a small range of easy-to-grow vegetables. We'll supply free seeds to anyone who wants to grow for Reading Town Meal. We'll send out regular emails with tips and advice during the year. And at the end of the season we hope that there will be lots of lovely food to contribute to the Town Meal.

If you would like to be involved, please contact or complete the sign-up form.

The vegetables we've chosen are:Seed potatoes, beans and seed packets

  • onions: we will supply Troy and Red Baron onion sets
  • green beans: we will supply seeds of Cobra and Eva climbing beans, and Maxi dwarf beans
  • squash: we will supply seeds of Waltham Butternut and Uchiki Kuri
  • beetroot: we will supply seeds of Boltardy, Cylindra and Golden
  • salad leaves: we will supply seeds for Asian leaves, Lettuce and Rocket
  • radish: we will supply seeds of Scarlet Globe, Oriental Rosa 2 and Eiszapfen