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ManOfCarbon 26-Jan-19 09:01
Bokashi sub-network?
I wonder how many other members use bokashi fermentation of organic waste, or did once and have given up. See It beats composting and gives your native worms a free in-soil wormery. If you do bokashi, has it ever struck you that a user network might help to spread experience, reduce costs, promote experiments, recruit friends, etc.? If you gave up bokashi, I'd like to find out why. Bokashi has never failed me and I wouldn't be without it. I can give you a successful solution to tne notorious problem tap. If you wonder what bokashi is, read the wiki page and get in touch.
lnc 29-Jan-19 05:01
I use bokashi for my cooked waste, use the liquid as a drain cleaner and plant tonic and put the fermented waste in my compost heap
Willberforce 09-Apr-19 04:04
I never tried Bokashi but I've smelled the aroma in a friends kitchen. So is the liquid a little too acidic to be useful for most plants ?
BethS 01-May-19 06:05
It is recommended that you dilute it before adding it to plants.
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